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    JING LOGN ENG.MACHINER CO.,LTD. of Guangdong Nanxiong always believed that the talents is to promote the driving force behind the company's continuous development, we respect knowledge, respect talent, emphasize continuous learning and progress of the professional skills and qualities, enhance the value of the employees themselves. We have unparalleled passion and development program for the broad market prospects and the company's future, now is the best time to join us, we want to have professional experience, integrity quality, talent and hard work, enthusiasm and patience of both partners to join !
Here, we have the passion and conviction, we believe that the tireless efforts and the style of work from the outside and inside is one of the purposes of the company to achieve strategic objectives. We will make every employee is fully aware of the essence of the music culture, my music will look forward to working with your hands in hand, common dreams come true!

Corporate culture: unity, innovation, sharing
Solidarity: business restructuring, to achieve business objectives and efficient to work, you need the power of solidarity.
Innovation: The company has been focus on innovation, every major development in the product and marketing innovation, innovation is the development of the company take off is the most powerful support.
Share: development of the company is brought about by the efforts of the partners and employees, and contributor to the development of the company required a good sharing mechanism.

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