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Note four heavy crane work

Date:2011-6-18    Hits:6276

The introduces of the four heavy crane work Note:
Crane operations should be sufficient workplace, the ups and downs of lifting arm and the radius of gyration of obstacles, should have sufficient lighting for night operations.
Crane amplitude indicator, torque limiter, and a variety of travel limit switches and other safety protection device must be complete and spirit Minmin reliable, are not free to adjust and remove. Instead of the operating mechanism for stop limit device is strictly prohibited.
Surroundings before the operation must be on the job site and road travel, overhead wires, buildings and component weight and distribution of comprehensive understanding.
Not lifting some of the overload of objects, use crane oblique hanging heavy objects, buried cable-stayed and lifting underground or condensation on the ground, the concrete structures on-site construction is strictly prohibited, and must be completely loose after lifting.