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Preparation before Installation

Date:2017-12-18    Hits:4940

The installation should meet the requirement of installation and the local safety  regulation

Preparation before Installation

1.Make sure that here is power supply on the erection place.
2.He distance between transformer substation and the main power of site should be no more than 20m. The Section of copper cable should be more than 25mm² and be increased with the distance increased.
3.Make sure that there is the lifting equipment and tools at the erection place.
4.Make sure that the road and yard are prepared to receive and transport the hoist and its parts.
5.Cast a foundation in accordance with instructions.
6.Select the method for installation of user. Landing door could be ordered from this factory.
7.Prepare the landing accessories such as bridges and railings according to the requirement of user. Landing door could be ordered from this factory.
8.According to equivalent ordinance and requirement to set up device of ground connection R≤4Ω.
9.Stipulate and require that when the Maximum warp of power supply voltage is ±5% ,electric power of power supply can not less than motor general power.
10.If used generator for power supply at the working site, must outfit no power compensated equipment and steady pressure equipment , for the sake of guarantee the quality of power supply.
11.Worksite should be equipped with suitable creepage protection switch.