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Safety Requirement for Installation

Date:2018-5-8    Hits:6582

Safety Requirement for Installation
1.  Clean the erection place and fence it with railings.
2.  Provide a safety net to prevent anything fall down to the erection place.
3.  There must be the person who has specific duty for installation.
4.  All parts on the cage must be put steadily and kept within the safety railing.
5.  The lifting device only use for installing and dismounting parts and can not be permitted overload.
6.  Do not start the cage when the lifting device is being used.
7.  The installing persons must put on the safety cap, safety belt ,no slide shoes and so on.
8.  Before operation, at first connect protection device of ground connection to metal structure of the hoist R≤4Ω.
9.  The number of dynamic system must be in line with cage number.
10.  All the parts must be adopted or company’s Original copies, or else, there would be the safety hidden trouble.
11.  Without our permission, users can not change the hoist circuitry optionally.
12.  No install at night or after drink.
13.  Persons’ head and hand can not be out of the safety  railing when the hoist is operating.
14.  Do not start the hoist when someone is working at the mast and tie-in. None allows to go into the enclosure when the cage goes up.
15.  The control box must be taken to the roof of the cage when installing the hoist. Nobody allows operating the hoist in the cage.
16.  Inspection every parts before the hoist is started.
17.  During operation,the load must be less than payload.
18.  The installation can not be done when snow, storm and the wind speed exceeding 13m/s.
19.  Do not forget tighten joint bolts of mast sections and tie-in.
20.  Inspect and adjust vertical of mast when installed tie-in.
21.  After installed,lubricate according to Manual.